Related to my earlier question about making floating windows independent from the main DockingManager, here's a similar, but hopefully simpler one:

Can AvalonDock floating windows be made not to be "Always On Top" of the main DockingManager window?

I'm rummaging around in the AvalonDock source code trying to find a way to do this, but I haven't found anything that works yet.

Ideally, I'm after something which has the same effect as Visual Studio's Tools > Options > Environment > Tabs and Windows > Floating tool windows always stay on top of the main window (available in at least VS2013 and VS2015).


I have been looking for answers to the same.

In order for a floating window to not show always on top of the docking manager, you need to remove Owner from each floating window.

dockingManager has a FloatingWindows property and you can do something like below:

dockingManager.FloatingWindows.ToList().ForEach(floatingWindow =>
    floatingWindow.Owner = null;
    floatingWindow.ShowInTaskbar = true;

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