I have problem with possition my hover effect in menu. In the Firefox its all right but in chrome is problem that hover effect is UP.

Firefox: (Here is all right)


Chrome: (here is problem)


Live: gavrilo.iwgaming.eu

I have too problem with text in the firefox is bigger maybe bolder as in chrome ...

Thanks for support ...

  • Just a note (best practice)...you must set your style.css before normalize.css – Luís P. A. Jun 12 '15 at 12:05
  • Thanks for tips. I fixed it ... – Gavrilo Jun 12 '15 at 12:11

Looks like the issue is that in chrome the 'home' image in the nav bar is slightly taller than the rest of the menu items. Try setting height or line-height to a fixed value for this image, and you should then see firefox and chrome match up.

  • That i try it but is not working .... – Gavrilo Jun 12 '15 at 12:38

change padding to this in #main_menu Div, may be it will help

Style.css line no. 61

#main_menu ul li a div{

  padding:24px 24px 25px;

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