It doesn't need to be 100% correct, it can be the center of the bounding rectangle.

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Matthew's answer is a good solution. However, when using the Google Maps API v3, you might want to pass each point of the polygon to a LatLngBounds object through the extend() method, and then finally call the getCenter() method on the LatLngBounds object. Consider the following example:

var bounds = new google.maps.LatLngBounds();
var i;

// The Bermuda Triangle
var polygonCoords = [
  new google.maps.LatLng(25.774252, -80.190262),
  new google.maps.LatLng(18.466465, -66.118292),
  new google.maps.LatLng(32.321384, -64.757370),
  new google.maps.LatLng(25.774252, -80.190262)

for (i = 0; i < polygonCoords.length; i++) {

// The Center of the Bermuda Triangle - (25.3939245, -72.473816)
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    Wrapped up nicely here: code.google.com/p/google-maps-extensions/source/browse/…
    – Steve
    Feb 19, 2011 at 23:01
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    Why is this the better solution? To me it seems that both solutions should always get to the same answer. Is this faster?
    – Nicolas
    Jul 5, 2013 at 20:55
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    @Nicolas: Both will get to the same solution, but this is simpler to implement, relies on Googles API's and is more obvious what it does at a glance thanks to being shorter in code (4 lines at worst). Either method should have negligible runtime, so speed isn't an issue. Nov 3, 2013 at 8:06
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    Also, this is a better solution as it will take into account the curvature of the Earth. The trivial algorithm I posted will be a reasonable approximation for small areas, but if you are trying to work out the geographical centre of a region for instance, then this will give a better answer. The world isn't rectangular, only maps are. Jul 24, 2014 at 9:23
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    This is good, unless your Polygon is of a "L" shape for example, in which case, the bounds.getCenter() will be off the Polygon.
    – MrUpsidown
    Feb 1, 2019 at 12:56


Run through all the points in the polygon. For all the points find;

  • x1, the lowest x coordinate
  • y1, the lowest y coordinate
  • x2, the highest x coordinate
  • y2, the highest y coordinate

You now have the bounding rectangle, and can work out the center using:

center.x = x1 + ((x2 - x1) / 2);
center.y = y1 + ((y2 - y1) / 2);
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    Well, i've found that in v2, I was able to do it just by calling polygon.getBounds().getCenter(), but I guess i'll have to do it your way. Thanks
    – ANd
    Jun 20, 2010 at 22:41
  • I have no idea, that may work in v3 too. I havn't looked too closely at the Google Maps API. But this way does essentially that anyway. Jun 20, 2010 at 23:24
  • It looks like Google forgot the Polygon.getBounds() method. It is available for Circle and Rectangle, but not for the Polygon class. Jun 21, 2010 at 5:29
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    This will fail horrifically if the polygon crosses the international date line (example: Russia's international boundary).
    – Canuck
    Jul 12, 2016 at 20:00
  • As @Canuk stated, this will fail in certain circumstances. Ideally you want to use the mean of circular quantities, and not a arithmetic mean. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mean_of_circular_quantities
    – martin
    Sep 18, 2016 at 22:09

you can extend the Polygon class with your own version of the missing function, let's call it my_getBounds() :

    var bounds = new google.maps.LatLngBounds()
    return bounds

and than use it in code like this :


... etc, it should be equivalent to the v2 behavior

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    Found this posting when doing a google search for the same issue.. This suggestion worked out perfectly for me! thanks..
    – Dennis
    Jan 9, 2013 at 11:57
  • For some reason, this doesn't work for me. the my_getBounds() function is undefined when I try to call it on Polygon objects. Feb 2, 2015 at 23:08
  • Upon further experimentation, this appears to be out-of-date compared to the newest iteration of Google Maps Javascript API v3. The Polygon class is now google.maps.Data.Polygon, and there's no getPath() method on the class. Feb 2, 2015 at 23:20
  • This answer worked verbatim for me today (August 21, 2015) on google.maps.Polygon objects with no changes using the Google Maps API v3. Aug 21, 2015 at 18:31
  • A smaller version of this on es6 polygon.getPath().getArray().reduce((prev, curr) => prev.extend(curr), new google.maps.LatLngBounds());
    – Guillaume
    Dec 30, 2020 at 10:45

Here is a custom function I wrote. Feel free to use it.

function polygonCenter(poly) {
    const vertices = poly.getPath();

    // put all latitudes and longitudes in arrays
    const longitudes = new Array(vertices.length).map((_, i) => vertices.getAt(i).lng());
    const latitudes = new Array(vertices.length).map((_, i) => vertices.getAt(i).lat());

    // sort the arrays low to high

    // get the min and max of each
    const lowX = latitudes[0];
    const highX = latitudes[latitudes.length - 1];
    const lowy = longitudes[0];
    const highy = longitudes[latitudes.length - 1];

    // center of the polygon is the starting point plus the midpoint
    const centerX = lowX + ((highX - lowX) / 2);
    const centerY = lowy + ((highy - lowy) / 2);

    return (new google.maps.LatLng(centerX, centerY));

For somone seaching for an answer in dart/flutter you can achieve the same by using the code below.

 calculateCenter(List<LatLng> points) {
    var longitudes = points.map((i) => i.longitude).toList();
    var latitudes = points.map((i) => i.latitude).toList();


    var lowX = latitudes.first;
    var highX = latitudes.last;
    var lowy = longitudes.first;
    var highy = longitudes.last;

    var centerX = lowX + ((highX - lowX) / 2);
    var centerY = lowy + ((highy - lowy) / 2);

    return LatLng(centerX, centerY);

Note that in the case of a concave polygon the center of the bounding rectangle might be completely outside the polygon. If your polygons might be concaved, I'd recommend using the center of the biggest inscribed circle as the "center" of the polygon. You can see a simple enough algorithm here (p. 4). If your task is to place a label on the polygon, this will also give the most aesthetically pleasing results (in which case I'd recommend using this method even if your polygons might not be concave).


Getting the center of a polygon with multiple points and setting it on a map

=== Start of Coordinates ===

const polyCoords = [
{lat:7.47107077, lng:8.63921547},
{lat:7.46994686, lng:8.63547325},
{lat:7.46309805, lng:8.62589836},
{lat:7.46286821, lng:8.62590313},
{lat:7.45313215, lng:8.60899639},
{lat:7.43740988, lng:8.59334755},
{lat:7.42844009, lng:8.58104324},
{lat:7.41945982, lng:8.56827736},
{lat:7.40859699, lng:8.55323505},
{lat:7.40289497, lng:8.54318237},
{lat:7.392138, lng:8.53482914},
{lat:7.37328196, lng:8.52523136},
{lat:7.35658979, lng:8.52090073},
{lat:7.34258223, lng:8.51121902},
{lat:7.33046389, lng:8.50427532},
{lat:7.31578684, lng:8.49598789},
{lat:7.3011179, lng:8.48839378},
{lat:7.28741598, lng:8.4833231},
{lat:7.27968311, lng:8.4763031},
{lat:7.26344395, lng:8.47150517},
{lat:7.23888779, lng:8.46638584},
{lat:7.21805, lng:8.46258926},
{lat:7.20483398, lng:8.45912266},
{lat:7.18925285, lng:8.45223522},
{lat:7.17993593, lng:8.4470892},
{lat:7.15788603, lng:8.43984985},
{lat:7.13150883, lng:8.43637943},
{lat:7.11252594, lng:8.43324089},
{lat:7.09124422, lng:8.43060589},
{lat:7.06365919, lng:8.42369366},
{lat:7.0361681, lng:8.42277718},
{lat:7.02137899, lng:8.42187691},
{lat:7.00718498, lng:8.41496658},
{lat:6.98336077, lng:8.41237545},
{lat:6.97815323, lng:8.41181469},
{lat:6.96920681, lng:8.41085052},
{lat:6.96485901, lng:8.41038322},
{lat:6.95552588, lng:8.40431404},
{lat:6.94989014, lng:8.40449047},
{lat:6.93937397, lng:8.40481758},
{lat:6.92389822, lng:8.40438938},
{lat:6.90868998, lng:8.40626526},
{lat:6.89626408, lng:8.40878296},
{lat:6.88465405, lng:8.40741062},
{lat:6.88261604, lng:8.4071703},
{lat:6.87496519, lng:8.40522289},
{lat:6.87435913, lng:8.40444374},
{lat:6.874259, lng:8.40431404},
{lat:6.86711407, lng:8.40512753},
{lat:6.85861206, lng:8.40488625},
{lat:6.85695124, lng:8.40484142},
{lat:6.84681988, lng:8.4066267},
{lat:6.83782721, lng:8.40724277},
{lat:6.83494997, lng:8.40681171},
{lat:6.82532978, lng:8.40537834},
{lat:6.81447697, lng:8.40533257},
{lat:6.80816412, lng:8.40398979},
{lat:6.80544186, lng:8.40341187},
{lat:6.80309677, lng:8.40415192},
{lat:6.79915714, lng:8.4053936},
{lat:6.79694414, lng:8.40609169},
{lat:6.79487896, lng:8.40666771},
{lat:6.79399681, lng:8.40691471},
{lat:6.79165602, lng:8.40756893},
{lat:6.79155779, lng:8.40760326},
{lat:6.78247595, lng:8.41095257},
{lat:6.77746391, lng:8.42351627},
{lat:6.76626587, lng:8.45157433},
{lat:6.75096416, lng:8.48992825},
{lat:6.75101185, lng:8.49293423},
{lat:6.75103521, lng:8.49443054},
{lat:6.75106716, lng:8.49638653},
{lat:6.7513752, lng:8.49816227},
{lat:6.75229788, lng:8.5035038},
{lat:6.75233889, lng:8.50374794},
{lat:6.75729084, lng:8.51012325},
{lat:6.75758314, lng:8.51057243},
{lat:6.75847387, lng:8.51194859},
{lat:6.75807714, lng:8.5156126},
{lat:6.7578721, lng:8.51749611},
{lat:6.75769711, lng:8.51795578},
{lat:6.75742817, lng:8.51865578},
{lat:6.75132704, lng:8.97139263},
{lat:6.7482481, lng:8.98090267},
{lat:6.74862814, lng:8.98276329},
{lat:6.74871206, lng:8.9831686},
{lat:6.74890804, lng:8.98458385},
{lat:6.74876881, lng:8.98458672},
{lat:6.74830914, lng:8.98459339},
{lat:6.74822187, lng:8.98898792},
{lat:6.74818087, lng:8.9910574},
{lat:6.74633312, lng:8.99746799},
{lat:6.74763012, lng:8.99746132},
{lat:6.74740887, lng:9.00071144},
{lat:6.74718285, lng:9.00401211},
{lat:6.7468462, lng:9.00896358},
{lat:6.74784899, lng:9.03189945},
{lat:6.74912691, lng:9.04191589},
{lat:6.749506, lng:9.04487896},
{lat:6.7501688, lng:9.06040001},
{lat:6.74998713, lng:9.06665802},
{lat:6.7495532, lng:9.08146954},
{lat:6.75030279, lng:9.10532761},
{lat:6.75147676, lng:9.11876583},
{lat:6.75115299, lng:9.12830734},
{lat:6.751019, lng:9.13230419},
{lat:6.75097609, lng:9.13358688},
{lat:6.75030613, lng:9.15766907},
{lat:6.74956512, lng:9.18568802},
{lat:6.74977493, lng:9.20027924},
{lat:6.75178003, lng:9.20677471},
{lat:6.75207376, lng:9.21673679},
{lat:6.75762796, lng:9.22278786},
{lat:6.76703405, lng:9.22469616},
{lat:6.77835321, lng:9.22522545},
{lat:6.78895092, lng:9.22644424},
{lat:6.80095482, lng:9.22813511},
{lat:6.80803204, lng:9.22840595},
{lat:6.81769705, lng:9.2289257},
{lat:6.8349371, lng:9.2283287},
{lat:6.85686684, lng:9.22915077},
{lat:6.86674404, lng:9.23106098},
{lat:6.87596607, lng:9.23018837},
{lat:6.88755703, lng:9.22863388},
{lat:6.90605688, lng:9.22916317},
{lat:6.92060709, lng:9.22969246},
{lat:6.93092918, lng:9.23265743},
{lat:6.94083691, lng:9.23125458},
{lat:6.96318817, lng:9.23240376},
{lat:6.97901201, lng:9.23571301},
{lat:6.99151802, lng:9.23115253},
{lat:7.00751305, lng:9.22559357},
{lat:7.01615286, lng:9.21457386},
{lat:7.03671312, lng:9.19904041},
{lat:7.04957199, lng:9.18851852},
{lat:7.06313276, lng:9.17939568},
{lat:7.07376099, lng:9.16631126},
{lat:7.09011078, lng:9.15050983},
{lat:7.10480881, lng:9.13908195},
{lat:7.11774111, lng:9.12994957},
{lat:7.12020206, lng:9.12689114},
{lat:7.12678719, lng:9.1187048},
{lat:7.13768578, lng:9.10678005},
{lat:7.14586782, lng:9.09899521},
{lat:7.15596008, lng:9.09561729},
{lat:7.16383696, lng:9.0976162},
{lat:7.16397095, lng:9.09764957},
{lat:7.16446781, lng:9.09777832},
{lat:7.16467285, lng:9.09782982},
{lat:7.16668797, lng:9.0983429},
{lat:7.17027283, lng:9.09925175},
{lat:7.17104816, lng:9.0994482},
{lat:7.17748404, lng:9.11013699},
{lat:7.1852951, lng:9.12178135},
{lat:7.18590498, lng:9.12269306},
{lat:7.19736004, lng:9.14105415},
{lat:7.20605278, lng:9.1508379},
{lat:7.21073914, lng:9.15619564},
{lat:7.22404385, lng:9.17387962},
{lat:7.23505497, lng:9.19177437},
{lat:7.24421883, lng:9.20248795},
{lat:7.25214815, lng:9.2136507},
{lat:7.26130819, lng:9.22829533},
{lat:7.27181292, lng:9.24456787},
{lat:7.27600622, lng:9.25246239},
{lat:7.28409719, lng:9.25877571},
{lat:7.2944541, lng:9.2762022},
{lat:7.29864502, lng:9.28409672},
{lat:7.30395985, lng:9.29338932},
{lat:7.30883694, lng:9.29736137},
{lat:7.31085396, lng:9.29749584},
{lat:7.31294203, lng:9.29763317},
{lat:7.32206106, lng:9.29725742},
{lat:7.32526493, lng:9.30005836},
{lat:7.3387351, lng:9.30434513},
{lat:7.36335707, lng:9.30342197},
{lat:7.3788681, lng:9.30495262},
{lat:7.39461279, lng:9.30810261},
{lat:7.40965986, lng:9.30755138},
{lat:7.43268299, lng:9.30545902},
{lat:7.45160484, lng:9.30448055},
{lat:7.46140003, lng:9.30249405},
{lat:7.47527122, lng:9.291996},
{lat:7.48597622, lng:9.28886032},
{lat:7.49556684, lng:9.29241562},
{lat:7.50426912, lng:9.30243492},
{lat:7.51206589, lng:9.31382847},
{lat:7.51597023, lng:9.32126045},
{lat:7.52583599, lng:9.33729362},
{lat:7.53341389, lng:9.35122871},
{lat:7.54164696, lng:9.35685062},
{lat:7.55055094, lng:9.35993958},
{lat:7.55715799, lng:9.35861778},
{lat:7.56785202, lng:9.35293961},
{lat:7.57442522, lng:9.34260464},
{lat:7.57712793, lng:9.33361816},
{lat:7.58118677, lng:9.32210445},
{lat:7.58320713, lng:9.31334305},
{lat:7.58979607, lng:9.30693436},
{lat:7.5916028, lng:9.30302334},
{lat:7.60486794, lng:9.29872894},
{lat:7.60572386, lng:9.29845142},
{lat:7.60686207, lng:9.29808426},
{lat:7.61690998, lng:9.30256939},
{lat:7.62142801, lng:9.30766106},
{lat:7.62240505, lng:9.30839729},
{lat:7.6258359, lng:9.31074047},
{lat:7.62646914, lng:9.29734325},
{lat:7.62800121, lng:9.29264832},
{lat:7.62849808, lng:9.29112339},
{lat:7.62477303, lng:9.27168179},
{lat:7.61906385, lng:9.26338196},
{lat:7.61789513, lng:9.26168156},
{lat:7.60666084, lng:9.260952},
{lat:7.60124397, lng:9.26060104},
{lat:7.60034084, lng:9.25955677},
{lat:7.59277201, lng:9.25081539},
{lat:7.58999205, lng:9.24243736},
{lat:7.58469677, lng:9.22647762},
{lat:7.57617283, lng:9.20398521},
{lat:7.57207108, lng:9.18593216},
{lat:7.57107019, lng:9.18152714},
{lat:7.56439877, lng:9.16621494},
{lat:7.55862188, lng:9.14605904},
{lat:7.55898905, lng:9.13870907},
{lat:7.55946493, lng:9.12918186},
{lat:7.55989313, lng:9.12065315},
{lat:7.55908394, lng:9.11564445},
{lat:7.55753183, lng:9.10603333},
{lat:7.55615616, lng:9.0975132},
{lat:7.55674982, lng:9.09182739},
{lat:7.55695581, lng:9.08985138},
{lat:7.55813408, lng:9.07858467},
{lat:7.55744982, lng:9.05847168},
{lat:7.55736303, lng:9.05593491},
{lat:7.55961514, lng:9.04537582},
{lat:7.56139517, lng:9.03702545},
{lat:7.56247616, lng:9.03288078},
{lat:7.5634079, lng:9.02930832},
{lat:7.56566381, lng:9.02066135},
{lat:7.56515789, lng:9.00748539},
{lat:7.5639658, lng:9.00404358},
{lat:7.56356478, lng:9.00404358},
{lat:7.56289005, lng:9.00404358},
{lat:7.56242323, lng:9.00015068},
{lat:7.56232119, lng:8.99929619},
{lat:7.56194496, lng:8.99821568},
{lat:7.56198788, lng:8.99778271},
{lat:7.56215, lng:8.99696159},
{lat:7.56281996, lng:8.96886539},
{lat:7.55899286, lng:8.95738316},
{lat:7.55724001, lng:8.95211983},
{lat:7.55969477, lng:8.93246746},
{lat:7.55676603, lng:8.90829468},
{lat:7.55125523, lng:8.89593029},
{lat:7.54641199, lng:8.88194084},
{lat:7.54488802, lng:8.87319756},
{lat:7.54288197, lng:8.86331367},
{lat:7.53791094, lng:8.85578632},
{lat:7.53442907, lng:8.84015846},
{lat:7.52946901, lng:8.83331966},
{lat:7.5268302, lng:8.82713699},
{lat:7.52469683, lng:8.8237114},
{lat:7.52377796, lng:8.80965614},
{lat:7.522964, lng:8.80752277},
{lat:7.51968002, lng:8.79888344},
{lat:7.51792288, lng:8.79014683},
{lat:7.51585579, lng:8.77657032},
{lat:7.5152092, lng:8.76504707},
{lat:7.51339722, lng:8.75284863},
{lat:7.50989103, lng:8.73583889},
{lat:7.50696516, lng:8.72619915},
{lat:7.50269794, lng:8.71934986},
{lat:7.50024414, lng:8.69586086},
{lat:7.48745108, lng:8.69007874},
{lat:7.48527384, lng:8.68388939},
{lat:7.48022795, lng:8.67174816},
{lat:7.475317, lng:8.65337563},
{lat:7.47107077, lng:8.63921547}];

=== End of Coordinates ===

// Construct the polygon.
  const polygong= new google.maps.Polygon({
    paths: polyCoords,
    strokeColor: "#FF0000",
    strokeOpacity: 0.8,
    strokeWeight: 3,
    fillColor: "#FF0000",
    fillOpacity: 0.35,
  var bounds = new google.maps.LatLngBounds();
  polyCoords.forEach(function(coord, index)

  //Note: "map" object already set and initialized elsewhere but not shown in code snippet to reduce verbosity 

kotlin version of getting center of polygon. mPoints is array of latitude and longitude.

val bounds = LatLngBounds.Builder()

for(i in 0 until mPoints.size) {
    val point = LatLng(mPoints[i].latitude, mPoints[i].longitude)


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