Hi I have the following markdown chunk:

```{r, echo=FALSE,warning=FALSE,message=FALSE,error=FALSE}
lapply(obj,function(x) plot(x,main="some plot") box() axis(1,at=seq(0,25,by=1))

The output is multiple plots. However I also get the console message in the pdf document underneath the plots.

<Plot 1> nice plot 1!
<Plot 2> nice plot 2!

-- nasty horrible console output
## [[1]] 

## [[2]]

I have tried echo/warning/error/message = FALSE, but neither of these suppress the console output

please help!

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try this:

{r, echo=FALSE,results='hide',fig.keep='all'}
lapply(obj,function(x) plot(x,main="some plot") box() axis(1,at=seq(0,25,by=1))

Wrapping any object in invisible will prevent automatically printing it.

You should be able to use

invisible(lapply(obj,function(x) plot(x,main="some plot")))

However the fact that echo=FALSE doesn't work suggests that there might be something else going on.

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    To add some info, this is the only option that worked for me too. Any combination of echo=FALSE, message=FALSE, results='hide' (including all of them together) did not work for me.
    – alelom
    Dec 22, 2019 at 14:43

These are the options that worked for me:

echo=FALSE, message=FALSE, results='hide'

I was having this problem as well in my R notebook and echo=FALSE didn't do anything. However message=FALSE does.

```{r, message=FALSE}

Try this,

It will hide the errors, warning, code, and console output. It will show only the graphs.

{r, echo=FALSE,warning=FALSE,message=FALSE,error=FALSE, results='hide',fig.keep='all'}
lapply(obj,function(x) plot(x,main="some plot") box() axis(1,at=seq(0,25,by=1))

Later you can export it to HTML which will be neat and readable


Simply having ```{r, results = 'hide'} or ```{r, results = FALSE} for your chunk options suppresses R output but not warnings, messages or errors. No extra functions are needed.

More details can be found here. https://yihui.org/knitr/options/#text-output

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