I removed cocoa pods because it claimed it had installed, but kept saying the command pod wasn't found afterward. When trying to reinstall cocoapods (sudo gem install cocoa pods -v) I get this error:

ERROR: While executing gem ... (Errno::EPERM) Operation not permitted - /usr/bin/pod

Screenshot for error

Any ideas?

  • I'm using an administrator account, how would I go about fixing permissions? – Adrian Wacker Jun 12 '15 at 22:16
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    'pod' doesn't exist in /usr/bin – Adrian Wacker Jun 12 '15 at 22:27

As it has been pointed out below by Ramesh Ramchandaran, this is a cleaner way of doing it, instead of getting around the Security features of OS X.

sudo gem install -n /usr/local/bin cocoapods

Original Answer

I'm assuming you're running OS X 10.11.

This is happening because Apple has enabled rootless on the new install.

If you type:

sudo nvram boot-args="rootless=0"; sudo reboot

in terminal.app, your computer will reboot with it disabled.

Once that is done, type:

sudo gem install cocoapods -V

the -V is for verbose and will spit out any errors if they happen.

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    Thank you.. Life saver – Ciprian Jun 17 '15 at 11:52
  • Thanks Kyle....! – Ankit Jain Jul 3 '15 at 9:21
  • Thanks! The combined command (including the sudo reboot) failed for me and froze the computer on several different attempts. Hard resetting did not keep the nvram settings. I had to run the first command until the semi-colon, and then restart from Apple menu. Then, cocoapods could install. Thank you!!! – BJ Miller Jul 9 '15 at 15:23
  • What a life saver! Thanks! – Chris Jul 16 '15 at 2:40
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    in El Capitan GM the first install (sudo gem install cocoapods -V) didn't work, the second one did though! – Dan Beaulieu Sep 10 '15 at 4:35

As rootless does not affect /usr/local/bin, the following succeeds:

sudo gem install -n /usr/local/bin cocoapods

Any caveats?

  • This is a much better solution than mine. – Kyle Browning Aug 5 '15 at 17:42
  • Worked like charm.. – itsji10dra Aug 19 '15 at 6:16
  • It works perfectly for me. – Joey Sep 10 '15 at 5:51
  • how long it will take to install.it is taking more time. – Javid Jan 22 '16 at 9:54
  • excellent solution, worked for me – Vladimir Stazhilov Nov 19 '16 at 13:35

Using home-brew or custom $GEM_HOME can help resolving the issue. I did clean installation of ruby with brew: brew install ruby Now the gem stuff seem to happen relative to my /usr/local/bin*, which is exactly what I needed.

  • Perfect!! This worked for me. – Augustine P A Jun 29 '16 at 18:10

After updgrading from Yosemite to El Capitan ( 10.11.4), I kept getting the below error message while trying to 'reinstall' Cocoapods ( after trying out pretty much all the solutions under different Stackoverflow threads and the Cocoapods issue-page itself, for the same issue)

"Could not find a valid gem 'cocoapods' (>= 0) in any repository"

However, quit terminal, restarted system, created new Xcode project from the scratch and then when i did 'pod install', it worked.

Note: I was trying to use Alamofire and SwiftyJson cocoapods

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