I want to change the background color of a TextArea using CSS. I'm using this line:

-fx-control-inner-background: #00FF99;

The problem is that the TextArea only displays this color when it has focus. I know TextAreas are composed of several different Nodes. Do I have to alter another one to make the color remain?


-fx-control-inner-background is a generic css style created in JavaFX default styling files to color the inside of text boxes, password boxes, lists, trees, etc.

Its better to use the following css, to color just the content of the TextArea

.text-area .content {
    -fx-background-color: #00FF99;
  • Something interesting happened here. The TextArea is still white but when it gets focus, the entire background takes that blue color that surrounds text boxes when selected. – corpico Jun 14 '15 at 13:43

Okay, I played around with all the CSS tags and here's what worked:

-fx-base: #00FF99; -fx-control-inner-background: #00FF99;

It seems that -fx-base changes the actual background color of the TextArea and -fx-control-inner-background changes the color of the TextArea when selected.

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