Is there a way to globally control the number of decimal places that show up in the print output in R? By globally, I mean something I can run at the beginning of an R session which applies to everything in that session. The default for me appears to be 6 decimals but I don't need that level of detail. I would like to accomplish this using base R, without using round() or any other formatting function at the prompt.

For example, assume I would like everything to print to 4 decimal places. Therefore I want 123.123 to appear as 123.1230, 123.123123 as 123.1231, and 123 as 123.0000, etc. Digits() won't accomplish this as it limits the entire output to the number of digits I specify.

  • There is no digits() or Digits() function in the base packages. – 42- Jun 14 '15 at 1:58
  • 2
    options(digits=4) or options("digits"=4) will display values rounded to four decimal places globally (the default is 7) after you set it. You can check the current value with options("digits"). However, numbers that can be displayed at their exact value with fewer decimal places won't be padded with extra zeros when you display them. To get a specific number of decimal places displayed you can use format or sprintf. – eipi10 Jun 14 '15 at 4:18
  • Thanks! That'll get me where I need to go. – alexR1 Jun 15 '15 at 13:32

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