Is it possible for a long period of evaluation purpose to work without the studio?

This means is there a tutorial on how to design workflow without the studio?


Answer from Alain Escaffre:

Nuxeo Studio is useful to build maintenable, easily updatable customization on top of Nuxeo Platform. One should use Nuxeo Studio for implementing specific constraints and rules such as custom forms, custom workflows, triggers using automation module etc.. All of this can be implemented without Studio but requires then much more time (a lot of XML to write) and is much harder to maintain. Nuxeo Studio makes sure you can deploy your business rules on top of the up-coming releases of Nuxeo Platform.


Here is a step by step tutorial to develop with nuxeo. Hope it helps.

Step 1: Pull nuxeo code from git repository (https://github.com/nuxeo/nuxeo.git) and update the code by using python clone.py master -a

Step 2: Import the code into IntelliJ IDEA IDE.

Step 3: Build the project and create a maven run configration with following parameters: clean -DskipTests=true install -Paddons,distrib

You will find the executable built project under /YOUR_PATH_TO_NUXEO/nuxeo/nuxeo-distribution/nuxeo-server-tomcat/target/nuxeo-server-tomcat-9.2-SNAPSHOT/bin/

For detail tutorial you can see this link: https://github.com/epicprojects/nuxeo-tutorial

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