I want to find the exact strings, throw ' and throw " in javascript files in a given repo using the Github API.

It says:

You can't use the following wildcard characters as part of your search query: . , : ; / \ ` ' " = * ! ? # $ & + ^ | ~ < > ( ) { } [ ]. The search will simply ignore these symbols.

I'm supposing there is no way to find these exact strings using the API?

I have tried various searches with no luck. Trying to escape the " with \ doesn't work either.


All of the queries I try return, for instance, https://github.com/angular/angular.js/blob/master/docs/config/tag-defs/tutorial-step.js which just finds the throw and disregards the '.

An alternative to this strategy is to find where there is NOT Error on the line, so that the search is throw NOT Error to try to find where someone is throwing a string and not throw new Error(. This strategy doesn't work for some reason. For instance,


There are many times that a plain string is thrown in https://github.com/driverdan/node-XMLHttpRequest/blob/master/lib/XMLHttpRequest.js but, the file does contain the string Error; so, I guess this is enough to make the result empty. I'm seeing a way to "search" in my client program as a workaround; but, I would rather get the results from the API.


I'm supposing there is no way to find these exact strings using the API?

Correct, that's not possible currently.

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