I am trying to start a Website in IIS, but it doesn't start and gives me following error:

The World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC) is stopped. Websites cannot be started unless the World Wide Web Publishing Service is running.

How can I resolve? I don't even know how to start W3SVC. Need help


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First verify that the World Wide Web Publishing Service is installed and not disabled. [Source:MSDN]

Right-click My Computer on the desktop, and then click Manage.

Expand the Services and Applications node, and then click the Services node.

In the right pane, locate the World Wide Web Publishing Service.

If the World Wide Web Publishing Service is not displayed in the list of services installed, follow the steps in the procedure below to install it.

If the World Wide Web Publishing Service is displayed but has a status other than Started, continue with the steps below to start it.

Right-click World Wide Web Publishing Service, and then click Properties.

Verify the Startup Type is Automatic and the Service status is set to Started.

Click Apply, and then click OK.

To install the World Wide Web Publishing Service

On the Start menu, select Settings, Control Panel, and then click Add or Remove Programs

Click Add/Remove Windows Components.

In the Components list, select the Application Server check box, and then click Details.

Select Internet Information Services Manager, and then click Details.

Select World Wide Web Service, and then select the check box.

Click OK two times to return to the Components list, and then click Next.

Click Finish when the IIS service is installed.


Here are the quicker steps for restarting W3SVC:

  1. Right click on the bar on the bottom of the screen, observe a menu pops up, then choose Task Manager
  2. Choose tab Services
  3. Find the W3SVC service under Name
  4. Right click that service and choose start

For me the World Wide Web Publishing Service(W3SVC) was stuck in "stopping" state, so I was unable to start the IIS or the service manually.

What I did was to kill the service from administrative command prompt using below command and then I was able to start the IIS

Taskkill /F /FI "SERVICES eq W3SVC"

This issue will happen, only when the world wide web publishing service is stopped. Please go to services.msc look for world wide web publishing service

Select the service and click start, once the status of this service is changed to running, all your sites in IIS which were stopped, they will be started automatically.

if not, you will able to start them.


We had the same issue yesterday, finally, the fix is simple in our case, go to registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\WAS\Parameters, we found there was an item named GenerateKeys which is not on other servers, so we deleted the GenerateKeys item and it is working.

  • Tried everything before finding this! Thanks :)
    – okenshield
    Mar 11, 2021 at 22:14

in windows server 2016

click windows button

type services and open it

choose "World Wide Web Publishing Service"

right click and start

good luck


enter image description here Search for "Server Manager" inside "Search Windows" and open server manager. Select IIS from the tree menu on the left. Look for "Services" section in IIS menu. The general IIS services are listed here. Select "World Wide Web Publishing Service(W3SVC)" and right click on the service and select "Stat Service". This should solve the problem.

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