I have a question about Android Studio: Does AS supports AngularJS code while designing XML files, e.g. for small animations or effects?



There is no way you can write Angular JS code while developing Android Native app. You can use Angular in a WebView (using js/html so), that's all.

  • So we only design android UI in xml? – Sumit Pathak Jun 15 '15 at 9:50
  • @SumitPathak if you don't use a framework : yes. Probably some hybrid framework like Ionic will help you more, but you are loosing the native app – Hugo Gresse Jun 15 '15 at 9:52
  • 3
    Material design is the only way to do better UI ,, don't go with 3rd parties – Sudhir Belagali Mar 4 '16 at 9:40

AngularJS is a completely different technology than what is used in native Android apps. Native Android apps use Java and/or C for their code, which is compiled when you build the app. AngularJS is a framework for web development, running specifically on Javascript (a completely different technology than Java).

You can build apps without using native Java or C code, but there are tradeoffs. As noted in other answers, you can display webpage views as apps (using technologies like Cordova]), or use frameworks like React Native to write code in Javascript that then gets compiled to a native app. You could use AngluarJS in the webview instance, since it just displays a webpage, however not in something like React Native. I highly encourage you to check both of these (and other options) out, but keep in mind that they have their own limitations and tradeoffs – no one way is the "right" way to build an app.

In summary: No, AngularJS is a web technology, not a native app technology.


Android Does not support AngularJs. but still if you want to use you can use it in webview.


new answer = Yes... Sort of, you can do it with:


It translates javascript, angular and typescript code into native components!

Apparantly it's possible to use nativescript in Android Studio with:


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