I'm running windows server 2012 R2 running IIS 8. New to the whole windows server environment.

To install PHP, I'm following the below tutorial

Install and Configure PHP

Part of it says, in order to use PHP's session functionality properly I need to create a new folder "sessions" and add "IIS_IUSRS" to the folder.

However when I enter the same in the "Object files box" it gives me the "Object named IIS_IUSRS was not found" error.

So far I have referred to the following, but none has been that helpful

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IIS_IUSRS group missing

How to give Folder Permission for IIS User in C#?

IIS_IUSRS and IUSR permissions in IIS8

Been researching for hours, but can find nothing concrete enough.

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I know this is old, but since I came across this when I was searching for a solution, might as well answer it.

Source of my answer: IIS_IUSRS group is not found in Windows 7 laptop

  1. In the main page of IIS Manager right click on the web site you would like to configure (Found in connections->[Machinename]->Sites->[Yoursite]);
  2. "[Server name] Properties" menu will pop up. Click on the Security tab;
  3. Under the "Group or user names:" frame, click the "Edit" button;
  4. Click "Add" in the next window;
  5. "Select Users, Computers, [...]" pops up; Type "IIS_IUSRS" in "Enter the object names to select"; 6.) Click on "Locations"; Now scroll up to the top and you should see the name of your machine you are trying to configure at the top of the tree structure. Select this entry and hit ok. IIS_IUSRS should now be correctly found for instance as [DMNNAMEOFMACHINE]\IIS_IUSRS;
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    Thanks for the help - can't help but think this could've been expressed more clearly and succintly by just saying "make sure you select the machine name in 'From this location' when trying to find 'IIS_IUSRS'" though. Dec 16, 2019 at 16:32

Two things to note when adding IIS_IUSRS via the Windows user/group selection dialog shown below:

enter image description here

  1. IIS_IUSRS is a group, not a user. Groups is unchecked by default, so you'll need to check it under Object Types.

  2. IIS_IUSRS is not a domain object but is local to the machine. So, as noted in another answer, ensure the machine name (and not an Active Directory location) is selected under Locations.

These parameters can be easy to overlook for those who are accustomed to adding AD users (versus local groups) via this dialog and therefore leaving the default values.

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