I currently have a network where all of the clients are served subnet addresses with a subnet mask of Since I am running out of addresses to serve within that subnet, I would like clients to start being served subnet addresses as well, but am unsure of the easiest way to do this.

My current thinking is that I should modify my DHCP server to start serving addresses while modifying all subnet masks being served to However, I think I would have to go and change any static IP addresses that I have configured to use the new subnet mask in order to communicate with the new subnet. Is there a way to add this new subnet without having to modify my already-existing static configurations for the subnet?


I guess the short answer to this question is no. I ended up doing some doing some cleanup and expanding the DCHP address range for the existing subnet, but if I want to add support for ranges outside of the subnet it looks like I'll have to manually change some subnet masks.

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