I am using the JSONViewer plugin in Notepad++ and viewing many large and nested json elements in a file. What keyboard shortcuts can I use to jump to a } or ]? This would be similar to Visual Studio's CTRL+].


Place your cursor on the { and then type :


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    The only downside here: it does NOT work dynamically in a recorded macro (Notepad++'s built-in macro recording/playback feature). It will be treated as a "# of characters navigation", i.e. if your bracket/brace was 10 characters ago, you record this action, then you try to replay it on another line where the brackets are 20 characters apart, the replayed macro will only navigate by 10 characters. =( There's no solution to this, and it's not what the OP asked, but I thought it'd be useful for future visitors who use key-shortcuts with macros.
    – NateJ
    Nov 15 '17 at 21:09

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