I was wondering if this nice master-detail transition where you click on the tableView cell and it expand to disclose the detail , with the cell's label being the navigation bar title is an interface which is part of the SDK object library or it is a customised one?

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This is a custom transition between ViewControllers. There's a nice example of a few transitions (including this one) in this library.

enter image description here

Of course you'll need to add the tableview etc' but this is a great place to start.


I've tried few things but so far this is the best option I could think of. Animating the frames of all the visible cells and making use of childViewController is how I achieved it.

Animation test project


Would be nice to know any other possible solution and ultimately to know how Apple did it!

enter image description here


It is custom implementation.There is no API in UIKit/UITableView which implements this behaviour. Only animation to present a cell is there(which I think is used here).

This behaviour can be implemented like-

Add sections(News, Productivity, etc) in table with zero cells(numberOfRowsInSection: = 0 for all sections). Then on tapping any section just reload that section(reloadSections:withRowAnimation:) by adding a cell to it(numberOfRowsInSection: = 1) and animation(maybe UITableViewRowAnimationMiddle). Scroll that section/row to top in same animation loop(UI update cycle).

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