While creating a table I'm getting error #1089- Incorrect Prefix Key.

My sql code :

CREATE TABLE `buildblockz`.`db_user_info` ( `BBZUID` INT(11) UNSIGNED   NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT 'User''s Id' , `username` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL COMMENT 'User''s username' , `password` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL COMMENT 'User''s password' , `fname` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL COMMENT 'User''s First Name' , `mname` VARCHAR(255) NULL COMMENT 'User''s Middle Name' , `lname` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL COMMENT 'User''s Last Name' , `line1` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL COMMENT 'User''s Address Line 1' , `line2` VARCHAR(255) NULL COMMENT 'User''s Address Line 2' , `city` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL COMMENT 'User''s Address City' , `state` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL COMMENT 'User''s Address State' , `pincode` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL COMMENT 'User''s Address Pincode' , `email` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL COMMENT 'User''s Contact Email' , `mobile` INT(11) UNSIGNED NULL COMMENT 'User''s Contact Mobile' , `phone` INT(11) UNSIGNED NULL COMMENT 'User''s Contact Phone' , `sex` ENUM('M','F','NS') NOT NULL COMMENT 'User''s Sex' , `dateOfBirth` DATE NOT NULL COMMENT 'User''s Date of Birth' , `designation` VARCHAR(255) NULL COMMENT 'User''s Designation' , `dateOfEntry` TIMESTAMP on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP COMMENT 'User''s Date of Entry' , PRIMARY KEY (`BBZUID`(9)) , UNIQUE (`username`(30)) ) ENGINE = InnoDB COMMENT = 'User''s Database';

You have to remove the length of the key:


instead of

  • Thanx, can you give me the reason. – R.K. Jun 16 '15 at 10:36
  • Because the column BBZUID is of type int. keys with langht is only provided by columns of type varchar and char. – Jens Jun 16 '15 at 10:39
  • Thanks a lot Jens.. I was stuck for quite a while – user3492435 Dec 31 '16 at 4:59

SQL code

instead of primary key('id'(10));

it would be primary key('id');

  1. go to preview SQL
  2. copy SQL syntax
  3. change this part of SQL syntax:


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