I need to know if a string is at least one character or more. I need to find the uppercase character .

I used this code:

str testStr;
int flag;
testStr = "abdE2" ;

flag = strScan(testStr , "ABCDEFGHILMNOPQRSTUVZ" ,flag ,strLen(testStr));
info(strFmt("%1",flag) );

But not work!

A problem is that the function strScan does not distinguish uppercase and lowercase.

There is a solution?




The code below tests if a string is one character or more and afterwards finds all the uppercase characters. Numbers are ignored since they cannot be uppercase.

static void findCapitalLetters(Args _args)
    str testStr = "!#dE2";
    int i;
    int stringLenght = strLen(testStr);
    str character;

    //Find out if a string is at least one character or more
    if (stringLenght >= 1)
        info(strFmt("The string is longer than one character: %1",stringLenght));

    //Find the uppercase character (s)
    for (i=1; i<=stringLenght; i+=1)
        character = subStr(testStr, i, 1);

        if (char2num(testStr, i) != char2num(strLwr(testStr), i))
            info(strFmt("'%1' at position %2 is an uppercase letter.", character, i));

This is the output:

enter image description here

EDIT: Like Jan B. Kjeldsen pointed out, use char2num(testStr, i) != char2num(strLwr(testStr), i) and not char2num(testStr, i) == char2num(strUpr(testStr), i) to make sure it evaluates symbols and numbers correctly.

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    This does not work for non-alphanumeric characters. Better is to test for difference to lower case: char2num(testStr, i) != char2num(strLwr(testStr), i) – Jan B. Kjeldsen Jun 18 '15 at 7:32
  • Thanks all for hrlp! – ulisses Jun 18 '15 at 8:29
  • @JanB.Kjeldsen - Wow! Your right! I thought of numbers and used str2IntOk() to ignore them, but did not consider symbols like "!". If I understand it correctly the key is to test for NOT EQUALS, since a number or symbol's uppercase value is the same as it's lower case value. If you test that the uppercase and lower case values are not the same, you know that the character is a letter and not a number or symbol. Thanks for pointing it out! – Tina van der Vyver Jun 23 '15 at 20:46

Here is a job I wrote that shows 3 different methods of comparing strings with case sensitivity. Just copy/paste/run.

static void Job86(Args _args)
    str a = 'Alex';
    str b = 'aleX';
    int i;
    int n;
    str     c1, c2;

    for (n=1; n<=strLen(b); n++)
        c1 = subStr(a, n, 1);
        c2 = subStr(b, n, 1);

        if (char2num(c1, 1) == char2num(c2, 1))
            info(strFmt("Char2Num()\t%1 == %2", c1, c2));
            info(strFmt("Char2Num()\t%1 != %2", c1, c2));

        if (strCmp(c1, c2) == 0)
            info(strfmt("strCmp()\t%1 == %2", c1, c2));
            info(strFmt("strCmp()\t%1 != %2", c1, c2));

        i = System.String::Compare(c1, c2);

        if (i == 0)
            info(strfmt("System.String::Compare()\t%1 == %2", c1, c2));
            info(strFmt("System.String::Compare()\t%1 != %2", c1, c2));
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