I wish to change the input mask on a textbox depending on the value selected on a select list. The code is:

$(document).ready(function () {
    $("#searchList").change(function () {

        var value = $(this).find("option:selected").val();

        switch (value) {
            case "2":
                $("#searchCriteria").inputmask({ mask: '999999', placeholder: '' });
                alert('default'); // this alert pops up.
                $("#searchCriteria") ///I want to clear the mask here.

I have tried


but get "Uncaught TypeError: $(...).unmask is not a function" error.

The documentation says '?' says 'any characters following will become optional' so I tried $("#searchCriteria").inputmask({ mask: '?', placeholder: '' });

with no success.

It does appear that once the mask has been set, it cannot be changed or cleared, but I'm sure there is a way.

I have also tried $("#searchCriteria").unbind();

Which cleared the mask, but would then not set it to anything else.

EDIT: I am not tied down to using Jasny, any other suggestions welcome :)

The requirement I'm trying to fulfil is 'Change an input mask on an input textbox according to the selection in a dropdown list'.

  • Use $("#searchCriteria").empty() to clear all the children elements – Sudharsan S Jun 16 '15 at 14:05
  • Didn't work, it still retains the mask. – Coast Coder Jun 16 '15 at 14:24
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Found the answer from this SO question:

How can I "reset" <div> to its original state after it has been modified by JavaScript?

Essentially, store the cloned state in a variable, and use this variable to restore the element to it's original state before re-assigning the mask.

The code now looks like this, switch statement has gone but that's for a non-related reason:

$(document).ready(function () {

    var searchCriteriaClone = $("#searchCriteria").clone();

    $("#searchList").change(function () {

        var value = $(this).find("option:selected").val();

        if (value === "2") {
            $("#searchCriteria").inputmask({ mask: "999999", placeholder: "" });



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