I'm working on a Rails project and for some reason, going to localhost:3000 showed me connection refused, not the site I'm developing. What happened?

  • I had this same error after I typed in rails server -p 30000. The extra zero in the port number was accidental, and should have been 3000. Commented Sep 13, 2019 at 15:11

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Check your host file! By default, Rails only serves to However, I had added additional entries for localhost into my /etc/hosts file (the system takes the last one by default). Since this wasn't (it was the IP of my machine on my private subnet of VM's), Rails wouldn't accept the connection. You could comment out the extra lines in your host file or start the development server with rails s -b to allow any IP to connect to it.

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    rails s -b worked for me right away on osx. thanks
    – dc10
    Commented Oct 22, 2015 at 19:46

Try a different port:

rails s -p 3001

You might be behind a proxy as well. That could cause issues.


i had the same problem, i tried to restart the server with a different port but the problem persisted

and i found the problem in the hosts file

so try first to connect to the server with ip adress of localhost


This is because rails listens only on IPv6 by default, and is IPv4:

$ netstat -ant | grep 3000
tcp6   0  0  ::1.3000      *.*      LISTEN

Connect to ::1:3000


I was unable to connect to local server started in WSL 2 from Windows host machine, I tried everything, then rebooting Windows system magically fixed the problem.

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