Im wrtiting a script which saves the current date and time as a filename but I get an error stating "TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting" I am new to Python andmay of missed something obvious. Code below:

from subprocess import Popen
import datetime

today = datetime.date.today()

today = str(today)

print today

f = open("%s.sql", "w" % (today))
x =  Popen(["mysqldump", "-u", "root", "-pucsdrv", "normalisationtion"], stdout = f)

You're putting the string formatting in the wrong place; it needs to be right after the string that's being formatted:

f = open("%s.sql" % (today), "w")

It's legal to not pass any formatting arguments, like you did with "%s.sql", but it's not legal to pass arguments but not the right amount ("w" % (today) passes one, but there's no string formatting in "w", so you get an error that not all of the arguments were used)

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  • >>> "%s%s%s" % ('asdf','asdf') gives me TypeError: not enough arguments for format string. – Jonatan Littke Mar 20 '12 at 11:35
f = open("%s.sql" % today, "w")
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