cmd/batch file could turn on and turn off "echo". So in PowerShell, I have a bunch of "write-host" output, I want somewhere to turn on / off write-host for debugging convenience.

Does PowerShell has such a function?

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The Set-PSDebug cmdlet has -Trace <int> parameter that can be used to same effect as echo on.

  • Thanks! So the command is "Set-PSDebug -Off"
    – axk
    Commented Apr 21, 2021 at 13:39

I recommend you simply put

| Out-Null

at the end of any line where privacy matters... it's more or less the same as putting...


... at the beginning of any 'batch' line where you want output hidden from users.


You should use Write-Verbose instead of Write-Host, this will make your debugging data controlled by the variable $VerbosePreference. This variable has the same value set as $ErrorActionPreference, and the default is SilentlyContinue, which means that no verbose output is generated. You can set this to Continue and then have your verbose output visible.

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