I have a custom scroll view with a rectangle inside.

I would like to animate a curve along the top line of this rectangle so that it responds to scroll velocity. When done, it would look something like this:

video: http://capptivate.co/2015/02/01/skype-qik/

still of curved scroll view

How would I accomplish this? Both high-level approaches and specific implementations are welcome, I'm not sure how to get started. (core animation? drawrect?)


This is nicely explained here http://holko.pl/2014/06/26/recreating-skypes-action-sheet-animation/

You can use a bezier path (either in a custom UIView w/ drawRect:, or easier with a CAShapeLayer), whose curvature can be controlled via its control points. So change the control points based on the scrollview's offset and you should have this effect.

  • This was a great start for me. I think the approach is quite different between animating on a CAAnimation tick VS responding to scroll velocity. I found a velocity-based library in your link: github.com/brocoo/BRFlabbyTable/blob/master/Classes/… – SimplGy Jun 18 '15 at 10:38
  • @SimplGy In scroll view you don't have to deal with any animation yourself, just change the control points in scrollViewDidScroll and you're all set. – rounak Jun 18 '15 at 10:44

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