I am using the following Maven dependencies and plugins



        <!-- <url>https://jcenter.bintray.com/</url> -->

in beans.xml below is the bean definition is as follows:

        <bean id="swagger2Config" class="springfox.documentation.swagger2.configuration.Swagger2DocumentationConfiguration"/>
<bean id="springConfig" class="com.example.SpringConfig"/>

I have referred to the following blog

I can not use the early access version mentioned in the blog as it is not available for download. I have changed the version to 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT and now I am seeing HttpMediaTypeNotAcceptableException exception. I was able to generate the WAR file and in logs I was able to see the resourcegroup that was created properly with Swagger when I tried to access it using http://localhost:8080/example/v2/api-docs the above mentioned exception was thrown.

Please help.


First off, it looks like the dependencies are available on Maven Central again. That's an improvement since I wrote that blog. At least 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 are available there so no need to use JCentral any more if you don't want to.

As to the HttpMediaTypeNotAcceptableException. I didn't see that during my experimentation that led to writing that blog so I can't give you a definitive anwer.

While reading your question I did notice a few related questions here on SO:

Spring MVC with Jackson 2.2: "HttpMediaTypeNotAcceptableException: Could not find acceptable representation"

Spring mvc throwing org.springframework.web.HttpMediaTypeNotAcceptableException: Could not find acceptable representation

Those suggest there may be some general Spring MVC configuration related to Jackson 2 that is missing or the translation of the @ResponseBody could use some tweaking for a particular method. Check those questions to see which is more applicable to your situation.

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