In Visual Studio 2015 with installed Xamarin I create default app: Mobile apps -> Blank app (Xamarin.Forms portable). I run it with default Emulator "VS Emulator 5'' KitKat 4.4 XXHDPI Phone" by clicking this button.

Emulator load perfectly and fast but application doesn't load and Visual Studio Start Debug button became disable. I can't do anything but close emulator. Then I can click Start Debug again. In progressbar in bottom of Visual Studio it's written: "Starting emulator ...".

Creating custom emulator take too long time (more than 30 min). May be I need other settings (but I tried different options).

May be it somehow connected with localization (Russian)? Some folders doesn't able to locate Xamarin project (only Xamarin) in default directory.

  • Same problem, blank app doesn't even work out of the box. – James May 21 '16 at 21:23

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