I want to perform a delete operation to unfriend a user in a certain android application I'm developing. The following method returns "Done" but the data doesn't delete from the table. What is the problem here?

public string deleteFriend(int user, int friend) {
    int i = db.Friends.Where(x => x.Person.Id == user && x.Person1.Id == friend).Select(x => x.Id).First();           
    var rec=db.Friends.ToList();
    return "Done";

I'm working with Entity frame work LINQ.

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Try something like this:

var friend = db.Friends.Where (x=>x.person.Id == user && x.Person1.Id == friend).FirstorDefault();
if (friend != null)

if you have got multiple records than you can get rid of firstOrDefault and add .ToList() in the end. And than use db.friends.RemoveRange(friend)

it is much cleaner and hope this helps


  • Thank you .. It worked with me by using ToList() and RemoveRange (friend). Jun 19, 2015 at 2:11

using where id in (1,2,3)

           List<int> ids = new List<int>(){1,2,3};
            var table1 = _context.table1.Where(x => ids.Contains(x.Id)).ToList();
            if (table1 != null && table1.Count > 0) {
                _context.table1.RemoveRange(table1 );

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