I am trying to connect the below listed from the IBM COGNOS BI 10 through JDBC Drivers

  1. Connect LUW system which is having Postgresql, but I was getting error like " XQE-JDB-0004 A problem occurred finding the driver class "org.postgresql.Driver" ".

  2. Connecting BIGSQL server .I was getting an error "XQE-ROL-0183 Insufficient memory. The current JVM maximum heap size of the QueryService is 972MB and may need to be increased: Java heap space" , then I increased the heap size to 1536MB(previously it was 1024MB) but then I was facing another issue

"DPR-ERR-2002 Unable to execute the request because there were no connections to the process available within the configured time limit.**

Handler trace back [the_dispatcher] com.cognos.pogo.handlers.performance.PerformanceIndicationHandler [the_dispatcher] com.cognos.pogo.handlers.logic.ChainHandler [service_lookup] com.cognos.pogo.handlers.engine.ServiceLookupHandler [load_balancer] com.cognos.pogo.handlers.logic.ChainHandler [lb_forwarder] com.cognos.p2plb.cler

ver.LoadBalanceHandler [queryChainHandler] com.cognos.pogo.handlers.logic.ChainHandler [queryAsyncHandler] com.cognos.pogo.async.impl.AsyncHandler [queryServiceHandler] com.cognos.xqebifw.cubingservices.CubingServicesHandler "

then I increased the Queue time limit of report service in Query Services but still I had the same issue. Then I reset the Query Service settings values to default value but I still facing the same issue DPR-ERR-2002.

  1. Connecting z/OS DB2, I successfully created the Data Source connection in IBM Administration but in Metadata Wizard - Select Data Source(in IBM Frame Work Manager) step after selecting the created Data source if i gave next option the tool was not responding, so i was not able to create project for the same, I have attached the screen shot for the same.

enter image description here

Kindly help me how to solve this issue and also let me know the jar files to be added for Postgresql.

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