I want to include a extend pageUrl in a html template of my angularjs directive. Here is a simplest example for my case.

angular.module('pageInclude', [])
    .directive('pageInclude', function() {
        return {
            restrict: 'E',
            replace: true,
            scope: {
                extUrl: '='
            template: "<div><h1>Page Include</h1><ng-include src=\"'{{extUrl}}'\"></ng-include></div>"

My Html code is:

<page-include ext-url="example/extendForm.html"></page-include>

Then I got following error:

Error: [$interpolate:noconcat] Error while interpolating: '{{extUrl}}' Strict Contextual Escaping disallows interpolations that concatenate multiple expressions when a trusted value is required. See http://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng.$sce http://errors.angularjs.org/1.3.15/$interpolate/noconcat?p0='%7B%7BextUrl%7D%7D' at REGEX_STRING_REGEXP (angular.js:63) at $interpolate (angular.js:10152) at addAttrInterpolateDirective (angular.js:8101) at collectDirectives (angular.js:7203) at compileNodes (angular.js:7035)

Are there any way to make this case work? Thanks for any reply.


try to change

extUrl: '='


extUrl: '@'

or change attr value to



  • Thanks for you reply. I've tried this way but it still doesn't work. The main reason is the the <ng-include src="'extUrl''> can not work in a directive template. – Coral Jun 19 '15 at 8:56
  • i add example in fiddle – Alexander Strochkov Jun 19 '15 at 9:04
  • Thank for Tek's example. It works. My mistake is to add the ' inside the src attribute of ng-include. – Coral Jun 22 '15 at 15:00

Make the following changes


and write the template as

template: "<div><h1>Page Include</h1><ng-include src=\"{{extUrl}}\"></ng-include></div>"

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