I have just installed the following on my Mac (Yosemite 10.10.3):

I Followed the installation guidelines: https://zeppelin.incubator.apache.org/docs/install/install.html

I have build zeppelin without problems:

mvn clean install -DskipTests

Started it

./bin/zeppelin-daemon.sh start

Opened http://localhost:8080 and opened the Tutorial Notebook. Here is what happens when I refresh the snippets:

md interpreter sh interpreter, note that the interpreter name shows as 'null' sql interpreter

Here is the exception for the md interpreter in the webapp logs:

ERROR [2015-06-19 11:44:37,410] ({WebSocketWorker-8} NotebookServer.java[runParagraph]:534) - Exception from run
org.apache.zeppelin.interpreter.InterpreterException: **Interpreter md not found**
    at org.apache.zeppelin.notebook.Note.run(Note.java:269)
    at org.apache.zeppelin.socket.NotebookServer.runParagraph(NotebookServer.java:531)
    at org.apache.zeppelin.socket.NotebookServer.onMessage(NotebookServer.java:119)
    at org.java_websocket.server.WebSocketServer.onWebsocketMessage(WebSocketServer.java:469)
    at org.java_websocket.WebSocketImpl.decodeFrames(WebSocketImpl.java:368)
    at org.java_websocket.WebSocketImpl.decode(WebSocketImpl.java:157)
    at org.java_websocket.server.WebSocketServer$WebSocketWorker.run(WebSocketServer.java:657)

Restarting the interpreter doesn't seem to cause errors.

  • I was having the same problem and resolved it based on your answer. However I didn't see a stacktrace after error. Did you do something to enable stacktrace on zepeline ui? – nir Aug 22 '16 at 19:42

Ok I have just found the answer, at the top of the tutorial there is a snippet about interpreter binding, click the save button and all start to work normally.

  • thanks for the soln. I had same problem. however how did you enable stacktrace on zepeline ui? I just saw ERROR in top right of paragraph with no stack trace in report section. – nir Aug 25 '16 at 21:43
  • 1
    Clicking the save button yields me precisely the same error again. I'm using the docker variant of the tutorial mentioned in the tutorial page (zeppelin.apache.org/download.html). – Orco Jun 1 '18 at 0:18
  • @Samuel Kerrien Can this be set up on window 8 r2 machine? – Shyam Jan 22 at 10:16
  • @Samuel Kerrien Any help on this stackoverflow.com/questions/54312233/… – Shyam Jan 23 at 11:52
  • @Samuel Kerrien I tried 0.8.0 versioin got errors .. then i tried with 0.7.0 version...I am not able to create spark notebook. it dispaly the name of the notebook but i am not able to open it by clicking , if i right click and open in other tab/window it displays empty notebook ...how to fix it ...any help please? – Shyam Jan 24 at 11:44

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