I have a function that takes an sql table column name string as a parameter, returns 1 string result:

function myFunction($column_name) {
    return $wpdb->get_var($wpdb->prepare("SELECT %s FROM myTable WHERE user_id=%s", $column_name, $current_user->user_login));

However, this code does NOT work, since with the nature of prepare, I can't use a variable for column names (and table names).

This works, but I think it poses a security issue:

return $wpdb->get_var('SELECT ' . $column_name . ' FROM myTable WHERE user_id=' . $current_user->user_login); 

What do I need to do in order to to use dynamic column names in my prepare statement?


You could use a list of "approved" values instead, that way you're not really using user data inside a query. Something like this:

$Approved = array ('firstname', 'lastname', 'birthdate') ;
$Location = array_search($ColumnName, $Approved) // Returns approved column location as int
if($Location !== FALSE) {
    // Use the value from Approved using $Location as a key
    $Query = $wpdb->Prepare('SELECT ' . $Approved[$Location] . ' FROM myTable WHERE user_id=:userid');
        :userid => $current_user->user_login

    return $Query;
} else {
    return false;

Maybe it might be easier to just get all (SELECT * or SELECT a,b,c,d) of the user data and save it to session to use later?

  • This works. However, how "secure" is $Approved[$Location] inside the prepare() from being tampered with? Thanks! – Rollor Jun 19 '15 at 16:03
  • @Rollor The code does not use any truly dynamic values, only the values in the $Approved array. As long as you do not allow any way to change that array it will be secure. It's basically validating $ColumnName against a list of approved values that you set manually. If i does not validate then it won't run the query. Values sent in the Execute are protected against injection, so there is no need to validate/clean those. – Lin Meyer Jun 19 '15 at 16:10
  • ...and since $ColumnName has no choice but "to go through" $Approved, I think it makes sense. – Rollor Jun 19 '15 at 16:18
  • Would sanitize_text_field() do enough to keep the data safe rather than whitelisting? – Jack Nicholson Jan 12 '18 at 0:34

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