I am uploading files to Azure blob storage using this code, where container is my CloudBlobContainer

    public void SaveFile(string blobPath, Stream stream)
        stream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
        CloudBlockBlob blockBlob = container.GetBlockBlobReference(virtualPath);

        blockBlob.Properties.ContentDisposition = 
"attachment; filename=" + Path.GetFileName(virtualPath);


Then when a user clicks on a file in my web page I am trying to trigger a download where they are prompted to either save/open the file. I do this by calling an Action which returns a redirect to the blob URL.

    public ActionResult LoadFile(string path)
        string url = StorageManager.GetBlobUrlFromName(path);
        return Redirect(url);

The issue is this will open the files in the browser e.g. the user will be redirect away from my site and shown a .jpg file in the browser when I was expecting them to stay on my page but start downloading the file.

  • Possible duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/20508788/… – adv12 Jun 19 '15 at 14:38
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    This comes down to what HTTP headers are set on the response. You want: Content-Type: image/jpg and Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="picture.jpg" – adv12 Jun 19 '15 at 14:39

What you possibly miss is invoking blockBlob.SetProperties() after setting properties.

On my code it looks like this:

blob.Properties.ContentType = "text/plain";
blob.Properties.ContentDisposition = "attachment; filename=" + Path.GetFileName(blobName);
blob.SetProperties(); // !!!  

One way to achieve what you want is for an MVC action to fetch the image from blob storage and return the File, ie:

public ActionResult LoadFile(string path)
    byteArray imageBytes = ....get img from blob storage
    return File(byteArray, "image/png", "filename.ext");

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