I have an application that is listening on (local address).

"netstat -ant" output:

proto||Recv-Q||Send-Q||Local Address||Foreign Address||State

These are the only two ports that are listening. When i telnet localhost port 22 and 8443, both are able to connect. But when i telnet from another computer on the same subnet, i am able to connect to port 22 but not port 8443. The host and client computer are only connected via a switch. What could be the cause?


Looks like it is not open in IPtables. Please follow the below link for same.


guess it deals with same question.

  • Thanks Aravind. The issue was related to firewall on CentOS 7. There is a firewall-cmd that can be used to expose ports to external hosts (besides localhost) – Ali Aug 3 '16 at 16:15

Have you checked the firewall settings? Maybe you need to open tcp port from iptables?

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