Folks, most users seem to have issues running one of our apps on Windows Phone 10, as the OS needs to "prompt" for use of the Band on first run. I don't see any way to programmatically request permission, and the app fails to connect unless they remove their pairing completely, remove the app, re-add the pairing, and reinstall the app. Then (and only then) will the OS prompt for use of the Band, and then it works.

Is this by design? How do I programmatically prompt for permission, and why does the WP10 OS not just prompt instead of failing? Is there something additional I need in the manifest for WP10 more than WP8.1?


  • To clarify, we have a popular MICROSOFT BAND app that experiences these issue when used on Windows Phone 10. :)
    – Codesmith
    Commented Jun 20, 2015 at 19:16


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