I just moved to a new laptop which had mongo 3.0.0 I believe. On the new laptop I have mongo 3.0.4. and trying the script that was working on the old laptop is giving me errors. This line is giving me the error.

mongoimport --host localhost \
            -db roudy123_q \
            -collection LebaneseAmericanUniversity\(Lebanon\).json \
            --file LebaneseAmericanUniversity\(Lebanon\).json \

error validating settings: only one positional argument is allowed.

I googled the error and the only relevant result was the source code of mongoimport. So I guess it has something to do with the new version.

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Just a wild guess...

... but the various long options should be specified using --, not -:

mongoimport --host localhost \
            --db roudy123_q \
            --collection LebaneseAmericanUniversity\(Lebanon\).json \
            --file LebaneseAmericanUniversity\(Lebanon\).json \

Maybe this particular version of mongoimport is more punctilious about that, and will treat -db ... -collection ... as positional arguments rather than keyword arguments ?

  • I can't believe I wasted several hours on that ugh. Hopefully it will save someone else's time. Thanks. Jun 20, 2015 at 13:47
  • I got my issue fixed with this. But this syntax used to work for me earlier(till this year start). My batch file broke sometime back. Thanks
    – jsbisht
    Nov 13, 2015 at 14:48
  • It saved me hours :)
    – Albeis
    Feb 12, 2017 at 19:24

This error can also occur if white spaces are given without a "\" in the path to the file . Ex: This wont work: Error

But this would work :

works fine


If you are getting mongodb-error validating settings: only one positional argument is allowed.

  1. Just put --file path in " ".

2.use / instead of \ in --file path.

  1. Also, put --host in " ".

For example:
Suppose you are trying to import data from your local machine to server (MongoDB Atlas or your MongoDB server or locally) in your collection then follow this:

mongoimport --host "cluster0-shard-00-01-ceax1.mongodb.net:27017" --db <dbname> --type json --file "C:/Users/ranjeet/Downloads/MongoDb project/ranjeet.json" --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl --username <Username> --password <Password> --collection <CollectionName>

If you get this error while inserting fields with --fields, the probable reason might be you are using spaces to do that.

Both -f and --fields should work in those cases Using Mongo Version 3.0.6

mongoimport --db logs --collection action_logs --type tsv -f updated_at ,transaction_time ,origin  --file parsed.tsv
mongoimport --db logs --collection action_logs --type tsv -f updated_at,transaction_time,origin  --file parsed.tsv

I think giving a white spaces in the file name of directory will also contribute to this error.


None of the above mentioned answers solved my problem but they indeed helped me in figuring out what I was doing wrong.(I am using windows)

1)using -d instead of --d (shorthand only require one - not two --)

2)using "" for absolute file path.

3)Changing \ to / in file path location.

For example my files location in windows is: C:\kp github\other projects\projectXyz\myFile.csv

So for me the command that worked was:

mongoimport -d users -c contacts --type=csv --headerline --file="C:/kp github/other projects/projectXyz/myFile.csv" or

mongoimport -d users -c contacts --type csv --headerline --file "C:/kp github/other projects/projectXyz/myFile.csv"

where users is my db name and contacts is my collection name


The below is the correct example of command when your database have user name and password created

mongoimport --host
--port 27000
--username XXXXX
--password PPPPP
--authenticationDatabase admin
--db applicationData
--collection products
--file products.json

Please make sure you do not have any extra spaces after
and before -- as well.

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