I want to hide all #DIV/0! errors and #N/A errors for data that hasn't been inputted. (So just have an empty cell.) The current data I have:

Data sample


Rather than using the IF formula, I suggest using the IFERROR formula. That way you won't need to worry about possible error conditions.

Case of #VALUE! error:

=IFERROR("a" + 1,"")

Case of #DIV/0! error:


The second parameter is optional, so you can even simplify the formulas to:

=IFERROR("a" + 1)

How about using an if() statement, testing to see if there is an entry in the symbol column: if yes then do calculation: if not then blank. I don't use google spreadsheets, but something like: =if(a1="","",calculation) assumes column a has the symbol info. Same goes for the divide by zero error but check that the number of shares is greater than 0: =if(A20>0,calculation,"")


Set the defaut color as with (so your text/value will be invisible) and add a condition if value different of zero than set color as black. So you will see only cell with corect values

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