I am currently developing an iOS app using Objective-C and I came across with a requirement from my client that I am unsure and unaware if it can be made.

The app that I am working with is Map based using the geolocalization of the user at all times. To do so, as I am sure you all know, I am using the MapKit.framework that Apple gives us pre-built.

My doubt came when my client asked me if it’s possible to use the First Person Maps View instead of the traditional 2D Map. To make my question clear to you, what I was exactly asked if there is any chance to use the same view of the GPS navigation in the app (See picture below). Is there any way to do so? If so, could you give me some guides to achive that?

enter image description here

Any help would be appreciate it!


After some hours of research I've found a way to do so. The key property is initialized trough:

MKMapCamera *mapCamera = [MKMapCamera cameraLookingAtCenterCoordinate:ground fromEyeCoordinate:eye eyeAltitude:50];

Take a look at this tutorial if you are need of an explanation step by step:


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