I'm writing a function to read a document out of CouchDB with PhantomJS:

function getDocument(dbName, id) {
  var dbPage = webpage.create();

  dbPage.open('' + dbName + '/' + id, function (status) {
        console.log("GOT REPLY FROM SERVER:");

        var foo = JSON.parse(dbPage.content);
        //Do something with foo...

The content returned from CouchDB (dbPage.content) looks like this: GOT REPLY FROM SERVER: <html><head></head><body><pre style="word-wrap: break-word; white-space: pre-wrap;">{"_id":"1","_rev":"1-3d3190e791500c179bdd02716add5280","myData": "d"]} </pre></body></html>

What is the best way for me to strip off the html, so that I can run JSON.parse to get a javascript object representing the document?


You can use page.plainText instead of page.content for non-html content.

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