I'm using the Ruby Gems Faker, Populator to create a list of fake users in my development environement.

In my database Schema I have the following table

|- latin_first_name
|- latin_middle_name
|- latin_last_name
|- cyrillic_first_name
|- cyrillic_middle_name
|- cyrillic_last_name

Here is an example of how I would like to store data against each field:

latin_first_name = "Viola"
latin_middle_name = "Lyagushkina"
latin_last_name = "Georgievna"
cyrillic_first_name = "Виола"
cyrillic_middle_name = "Люгашкина"
cyrillic_last_name = "Георгиевна"

This is what my populate.rake file looks like:

namespace :db do
  desc "Create 100 customers"
  task :populate => :environment do
      require 'populator'
      require 'faker'
      Admin::Customer.populate 100 do |customer|
        Faker::Config.locale = :ru
           customer.cyrillic_first_name = Faker::Name.first_name
           customer.cyrillic_middle_name = Faker::Name.last_name
           customer.cyrillic_last_name = Faker::Name.last_name
        Faker::Config.locale = :en
           customer.latin_first_name = Faker::Name.first_name
           customer.latin_middle_name = Faker::Name.last_name
           customer.latin_last_name = Faker::Name.last_name
      puts "created 100 users"

However all the data is generated in Latin, do you know how to generate multiple languages with Faker and Populator to a single record?


Reading the YML file gives clarity into the available commands for the given language, the syntax was correct however the commands required to generate a cyrillic name were not.

Faker::Config.locale = :ru
   customer.cyrillic_first_name = Faker::Name.male_first_name
   customer.cyrillic_middle_name = Faker::Name.male_middle_name
   customer.cyrillic_last_name = Faker::Name.male_last_name

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