My question is why is there a homestead.yaml file in .homestead folder and in the Homestead/src/stubs folder?

On my internship machine (Mac), I have been making changes to the Homestead/src/stub yaml file. On my home machine (Linux), it doesn't read those changes and I have to edit the .homestead yaml file instead.

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The homestead.yml file in ./Homestead/src/stubs is there only as a placeholder before its copied to your home directory during installation. It should not be edited.

Only edit the file in ~/.homestead.

Make sure your ran the bash script on your Mac from the ./Homestead directory.

Though the Question has been answered but as it appeared while I was searching for homestead.YAML, It would be good to tell newbies that Homestead.YAML holds the whole configurations on windows and macs. It allows you to add sites, manage shared folders and much more. I will recommend this definitive guide for understanding homestead.yaml, The whole post is very long so I can't copy it

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