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Can someone explain to me how I would convert a hex code, ex: #FF9C19, to an rgb value, corresponding ex: (255, 156, 25), or the other way around using JavaScript?

I found a post that asked this but it was using python.

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  1. Hex codes use base 16 (hexadecimal), RGB uses base 10 (decimal)
  2. Hex codes can be split into 3 bytes which describe red RR, green GG then blue BB, i.e. #RRGGBB
  3. The # for hex isn't always written, or sometimes it may use 0x or &h etc instead (you may need to consider this depending on your envionment)

Putting these together and using a RegExp to extract the interesting bits and parseInt to convert from the String representation of the base 16 numbers

function hex_to_RGB(hex) {
    var m = hex.match(/^#?([\da-f]{2})([\da-f]{2})([\da-f]{2})$/i);
    return {
        r: parseInt(m[1], 16),
        g: parseInt(m[2], 16),
        b: parseInt(m[3], 16)
// ex.
hex_to_RGB('#FF0110') // {r: 255, g: 1, b: 16}

When converting in the opposite direction you would use num.toString(16) and don't forget to pad the bytes with a '0' if they're smaller than (dec) 16

If you're starting with an Integer i which represents your hex colour, you can access the RGB values using bitwise operations, i.e.

var i = 0xFF0110, // 16711952
    rgb = {
        r: (i >> 16) & 0xFF,        // or `(i & 0xFF0000) >> 16`
        g: (i >>  8) & 0xFF,        // or `(i & 0x00FF00) >>  8`
        b:  i        & 0xFF         // or ` i & 0x0000FF       `
    }; // {r: 255, g: 1, b: 16}, same as before

A legal hex color can be 3 or 6 characters after the '#', and rgb components

can be either percentages or numbers between 0 and 255.

function hexToRgb(c){
        if(c.length== 4){
            c= '#'+[c[1], c[1], c[2], c[2], c[3], c[3]].join('');
        c= '0x'+c.substring(1);
        return 'rgb('+[(c>>16)&255, (c>>8)&255, c&255].join(',')+')';
    return '';

function rgbToHex(rgb){
    var c= rgb.match(/\d+(\.\d+)?%?/g);
        c= c.slice(0, 3).map(function(next){
            var itm= next;
            if(itm.indexOf('%')!= -1){
                itm= Math.round(parseFloat(itm)*2.55);
            if(itm<0) itm= 0;
            if(itm>255) itm= 255;
            itm= Math.round(itm).toString(16);
            if(itm.length== 1) itm= '0'+itm;
            return itm;
        return '#'+c.join('').toLowerCase();
    return '';

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