I am trying to follow example to create a component in knockout.


But I have to write a code in typescript. So how can I register component in knockout using typescript?

What should I write in .ts file to convert it in something-like below.

ko.components.register('like-widget', {
viewModel: function(params) {

I started to write code in constructor but don't know how to complete it.

class TodayViewModel {
todayWidget: KnockoutComponents;
config: KnockoutComponentTypes.Config;
constructor() {
    this.config.template = "sdfs.html";
    this.todayWidget.register("like-widget", this.config);
}}export = TodayViewModel;

Try to use this approach:

// import knockout
import ko = require("knockout");

// your viewmodel class
class TodayViewModel {
    todayText = ko.observable<string>();

// register the component
ko.components.register("like-widget", {
    viewModel: TodayViewModel,
    template: "<span data-bind='text: todayText'></span>"

P.S. you will need knockout.TypeScript.DefinitelyTyped

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