I know how to get a metaclass of a class in SMALLTALK (with class message ).

But how do i get the SuperClass of a class (or get the SuperClass of an instance of some class )?

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Using instance class superclass , of course! Every class can answer its (unique) superclass.

However, note that you have several capitalization mistakes that are not innocent. In Smalltalk, capitalization rules are meaningful, beyond case-sensitivity.

Also, it is uncommon to cross the instance-class level to query something like this. Usually, only meta-programming tools (debuggers, inspectors) have questions like this.

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    So, the bottom-line answer is you can ask a Class instance which its superclass is. You first get your Class instance by sending class to your instance, and then send superclass to it's response. Jun 22, 2015 at 17:48

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