I have created (NSCalendar* cal;) when I copy it to use (NSCalendar* calendar = [cal copy];) this is error Error [NSCopyOnWriteCalendarWrapper copy]: message sent to deallocated instance How Can I fix it?

  • Sorry, but you have provided not enough info on your issue. Where have you created cal, what happens before your initializion? – Sergii Martynenko Jr Jun 23 '15 at 11:08
  • Hi I have created (NSCalendarcal) when I use (NSCalendar calendar = [cal copy];) but I it error(@interface IQGanttHeaderView : UIView <IQGanttHeaderDelegate> { @private char weekdayLetters[8]; NSCalendar* cal; NSDateFormatter* monthNameFormatter; } I use it in methob (void)moveLabels { NSTimeInterval t0 = scaleWindow.viewStart; NSTimeInterval t1 = scaleWindow.viewStart + scaleWindow.viewSize; NSCalendar* calendar = [cal copy]; – Johnny Tran Jun 24 '15 at 2:12

Not sure what is going wrong but enabling zombie objects will help you to get to the object which is deallocated:

edit your scheme enable zombie objects

Do not forget to disable it, as no objects will get deallocated while this is enabled.

I bet cal is not initialized yet when you call [cal copy]. Try change

NSCalendar *cal;


NSCalendar *cal = [[NSCalendar alloc] initWithCalendarIdentifier:NSCalendarIdentifierGregorian];

and see whether you still get the same error message.

On the other hand, you should seldom need to copy NSCalendar object.

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