Even though the topic title explains most of the question, I'd like to sketch out the scenario so you understand in what context this question is put.

I have an application which is like an Outlook contacts list. It gets all the contacts from Outlook and the result is that they're displayed in a data grid view. Now, instead of starting Outlook every time my application opens and shutting it down, I want it not to open when it is already open and stay open when my application shuts down and the user already had Outlook running. Here's my usage:

Process[] pName = Process.GetProcessesByName("OUTLOOK");
if (pName.Length == 0)
    MessageBox.Show("Outlook is not running."); // Open Outlook anew.
    MessageBox.Show("Outlook is running."); // Do not re-open Outlook.

Is this the best and safest way of doing it? Thank you in advance.

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Yes. I can think of no better way.

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