When I give the command aws config list, I get the following output for the default profile:

      Name                    Value             Type    Location
      ----                    -----             ----    --------
   profile                <not set>             None    None

However, when I give the command for a named profile, I get a profile name

$ aws configure list --profile MyProfile
      Name                    Value             Type    Location
      ----                    -----             ----    --------
   profile                MyProfile           manual    --profile

I have tried aws configure set profile Default to name the default profile as Default by reading the 'set' CLI command, I also tried aws configure set StoreAs Default because I thought that's what's the variable is named after I read this page. I want to do this because I want have two profiles and I want to switch between profiles using the AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE environment variable.


I have multiple profiles too, I use AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE to switch back and forth. However, I've named each profile something descriptive, like "aws-engineering" and "aws-production". Then, I can use set AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE=aws-engineering and I'm good to go.

I have no DEFAULT profile specified in my ~/.aws/config, this was intentional so that I always explicitly have to choose which environment I'm working on.


Setting the AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE environment variable at the command line should specify the profile.

See: Can I specify a default AWS configuration profile?

For example:

Linux, macOS, or Unix


Note: To unset, run: unset AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE.

To make the change persistent, add above line into your ~/.bashrc user's file.



Source: User Guide » Configuring the AWS CLI » Named Profiles.

See also: A New and Standardized Way to Manage Credentials in the AWS SDKs.


You just switch to the profile you want (for ex: in Linux use: export AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE=MyProfile) and then switch back to the default profile using export AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE=default. 'default' is the profile name given to your first profile when you create it.

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