In Erlang, it is very simple to send UDP packet, that is to use gen_udp:open() to create a socket, then use gen_udp:send() to send out the data.

However, by default, the Linux TCP/IP stack will set the don't fragment (DF)flag in IP header if the size of IP packet doesn't exceed the MTU size. If the size exceeds the MTU size, the UDP packet will be fragmented.

Is there some way to not set DF flag for UDP packet only?

I know in C language, the following code could be used to clear the DF flag. But i couldn't find a way in Erlang.

int optval=0;
if(-1 == setsockopt(sockfd,IPPROTO_IP,IP_MTU_DISCOVER,&optval,sizeof(optval))) {
    printf("Error: setsockopt %d\n",errno);



i found the solution after i posted this question :-(...:-)...

The solution is to set socket raw option by using inet:setopts() like what is done in C language, but the difference is that you need to know the definition of IPPROTO_IP and IP_MTU_DISCOVER.

The value of IPPROTO_IP is 0, defined in netinet/in.h The value of IP_MTU_DISCOVER is 10, defined in linux/in.h

Below is example. inet:setopts(Socket,[{raw,0,10,<<0:32/native>>}]).

I have tested it using small program, it is working.

You can find detail help for inet:setopts on erlang man page: http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/inet.html


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