I noticed recently that the fields on the System.Uri class are not available in a PCL.

Specifically, these fields:


as well as others.

Is there a technical/pragmatic reason why these wouldn't be supported in a PCL? I see in the reference source that these fields (except Uri.SchemeDelimiter) come from internal static fields on System.UriParser. I then noticed that UriParser is not PCL-compatible.

Is that the reason?

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    Yes, that is the reason. – Hamid Pourjam Jun 24 '15 at 11:58
  • @dotctor, but since eventually these all just come down to string fields, is there a reason that the Uri class' PCL version couldn't be adapted to provide these some other way? This is just curiosity on my part. – Greg Bair Jun 24 '15 at 12:01
  • Why should there be a technical reason - why can it not be a pragmatic "if we include everything that's in the .NET Framework, there's no longer a distinction between it and a smaller, more focussed set of APIs that we're happy to commit to supporting across multiple platforms"? – Damien_The_Unbeliever Jun 24 '15 at 12:09
  • Good point. It's just curiosity on my part. – Greg Bair Jun 24 '15 at 12:10
  • @Damien_The_Unbeliever If you post that bit about pragmatism and distinction between PCL and the larger .NET framework as an answer, I'll accept it. – Greg Bair Jun 24 '15 at 12:20

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