Is there a way to get ScalaStyle (or any other automation tool) to fix some of the warnings it finds?

For example --

  1. Line contains a tab (shock!!)
  2. There should be a space before the plus (+) sign
  3. File must end with newline character

At a stretch

  1. Public method must have explicit type

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As of right now, Scalastyle does not have a way to automatically fix errors. However, it looks like Scalafix might. This is from their documentation:

A scalafix “Rule” can report lint messages and provide auto-fix patches to violations of some kind of rule/coding style/convention/breaking change.

Sounds promising! I have not had a chance to use it yet, but since this question has gotten no replies in almost three years, it seemed worth adding this as a possible solution to your problem if anyone else has a similar issue.

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