Following Laravel's 5.1 documentation about using Homestead on a per-project basis, I ran the commands to create a Homestead Vagrantfile inside of my Git repository for my project, I did this on my Macbook. Here is the Homestead.yaml for that:

ip: ""
memory: 2048
cpus: 1
hostname: projectname
name: projectname
provider: virtualbox

authorize: ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

    - ~/.ssh/id_rsa

    - map: "/Users/user/Sites/personal/projectname"
      to: "/home/vagrant/projectname"

    - map: homestead.app
      to: "/home/vagrant/projectname/public"

    - projectname

    - key: APP_ENV
      value: local

# blackfire:
#     - id: foo
#       token: bar
#       client-id: foo
#       client-token: bar

# ports:
#     - send: 93000
#       to: 9300
#     - send: 7777
#       to: 777
#       protocol: udp

Problem is, after pushing this to Git and pulling down on my PC, the path in the Homestead.yaml file is now completely wrong so that it won't work...

How can I abstract the path from Homestead.yaml to an environment variable so that I can share a vagrant VM across operating systems?

  • I don't think that the solution Laravel docs describes was ment to be cross-platform friendly :) I'm sure it's technically possible to achieve what you need with some weird and cool hacks, but why not just set up separate Homestead environments and continue leading a happy coding life? As much as it would be great to know how to share the .yaml config, I have the feeling it's one of the situations where simple solution is the best solution. – lesssugar Jun 24 '15 at 20:32
  • My answer below works as a hack. The original reason for doing it this way is so that I can share my homestead setup with other collaborators. – Jamesking56 Jul 30 '15 at 16:29

Managed to solve it!

If I set the folder to "." it will use the current directory which works for both Mac and Windows!


    - map: "."
      to: "/home/vagrant/projectname"


Meaning now I have a Homestead vagrant machine in Git that I can use on both Mac and Windows :D

  • Can you please clarify where to put that "." (dot) you're referring to in the answer? – Nik Sumeiko Nov 29 '16 at 19:35
  • 1
    Under the 'map:' key under 'folders' – Jamesking56 Nov 29 '16 at 19:38

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