I have a WinRT app which I have localized strings for in .resw resource files. When I launch the app through the debugger to test it both languages work, however when I sideload the app by using the VS generated powershell script only the en-US language works. I'm using this method to change the language dynamically during runtime.

What should I do in order to fix this? Any place I should look for errors like this?

Additional Details:

  • The build action for the resource files is set to PRIResource
  • Both files are contained in the standard Strings\\resources.resw path
  • I have my app manifest set to always generate an app bundle
  • My Package.appxmanifest lists out both languages, I've tried this as well as leaving it on x-generate
  <Resource Language="es-419" />
  <Resource Language="en-US" />

Set languages in control panel

A packaged app can only access languages for which Windows has available as a language preference from within the control panel.

Make sure resources are reloaded properly

Here is some additional information on how to rest the resource context after changing the PrimaryLanguageOverride

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