How can I check the existence of an element in jQuery?

The current code that I have is this:

if ($(selector).length > 0) {
    // Do something

Is there a more elegant way to approach this? Perhaps a plugin or a function?

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Yes The best method of doing this :

By JQuery :

   //code in the case

selector can be Element ID OR Element Class


If you don't want to use jQuery Library then you can achieve this by using Core JavaScript :

By JavaScript :

if(document.getElementById("ElementID")) {
    //Do something...
  • if "ElementID" doesn't exist then it will not throw error in if condition? – Star Aug 10 '17 at 13:20
if ( $('#myDiv').size() > 0 ) { //do something }

size() counts the number of elements returned by the selector

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    @Furbeenator I don't know where you get your information from, but .size() does nothing more than return .length. There's a reason it's deprecated – Ian Jun 3 '13 at 21:41
  • You are correct, but calling .length, being a property, requires slightly less overhead than a function call to .size(). My bad. – Furbeenator Jun 5 '13 at 18:30

Try this.

simple and short and usable in the whole project:

jQuery.fn.exists=function(){return !!this[0];}; //jQuery Plugin




OR EVEN SHORTER: (for when you don't want to define a jQuery plugin):

if(!!$("elem-selector")[0]) ...;

or even

if($("elem-selector")[0]) ...;
  • Works quite well actually. I would recommend naming it simply "exists" as "isExists" is grammatically.... weird :). I like short and sweet. – Andrew Grothe Dec 11 '18 at 13:44

A simple utility function for both id and class selector.

   function exist(IdOrClassName, IsId) {
        var elementExit = false;
        if (IsId) {
            elementExit= $("#" + "" + IdOrClassName + "").length ? true : false;
        else {
                elementExit = $("." + "" + IdOrClassName + "").length ? true : false;
        return elementExit;

calling this function like bellow

    $(document).ready(function () {
            $("#btnCheck").click(function () {
//address is the id so IsId is true. if address is class then need to set IsId false
                if (exist("address", true)) {
                else {
                    alert("not exist");

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    This way you put it into global namespace. Which you may want to reconsider. – Roland Nov 14 '17 at 8:46

All answers is not working bullet proof to check existence of an element in jQuery. After many years of coding, only this solution does not throw any warnings about existance or not:

if($(selector).get(0)) { // Do stuff }

Or to bail instead in the beginning of your function:

if(!$(selector).get(0)) return;


In this case, you dont have to deal with zero | null lengths issues. This forces to fetch an element, not count them.


Just check the length of the selector, if it more than 0 then it's return true otherwise false.

For ID:

 if( $('#selector').length )         // use this if you are using id to check
     // it exists

For Class:

 if( $('.selector').length )         // use this if you are using class to check
     // it exists

For Dropdown:

if( $('#selector option').size() ) {   // use this if you are using dropdown size to check

   // it exists

I am using this:

 if($("#element").length > 0){
     //the element exists in the page, you can do the rest....

Its very simple and easy to find an element.

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With jQuery you do not need >0, this is all you need:

if ($(selector).length)

With vanilla JS, you can do the same with:


If you want to turn it into a function that returns bool:

const exists = selector => !!document.querySelector(selector);

  // some code

The input won't have a value if it doesn't exist. Try this...


Use the following syntax to check if the element actually exists using jQuery.

let oElement = $(".myElementClass");
if(oElement[0]) {
    // Do some jQuery operation here using oElement
else {
    // Unable to fetch the object

Use querySelectorAll with forEach, no need for if and extra assignment:

document.querySelectorAll('.my-element').forEach((element) => {

as the opposite to:

const myElement = document.querySelector('.my-element');
if (myElement) {

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